The foundation of the Cain Cattle Company Angus herd is selectively built upon some of the best genetics the breed has to offer.  Our sources have been Werhmann Angus in Virginia, Dream Catcher in Texas, Thistle Farms in Ohio and most recently Coldwater Cattle Company in Mississippi.  We have focused on economically important traits in our selection and mating decisions.  Quitely we have built a performance herd of Angus cattle second to none.

Our entire cowherd and bull battery has been tested for AM and NH and all remaining cows are free, with the exception of Rita 1247 of 2536 RDA, perhaps 2536’s most powerful daughter.  We will continue to flush 1247 and test progeny while discarding all positive cattle and retaining the tested free to continue building our cowherd.  Another stalwart contributor on the cowherd sire is DRMCTR Objective 6J2, who post a +70 $B and a +109 YW EPD, and at one time was the #2 $B female in the breed.

We have paid particular attention to bull power and are pleased with the exceptional progress we have made.  We pride ourselves in being able to turn out for cleanup the kind of sires other breeders use AI.  Rito SM42 of 2536 PRED is the top ranking sire on the supplement list for $B at +75.61.  Coupled with his Yearling EPD of +110, REA of .99 and IMF of .72, he represents the power and dimension we wish to build around.  A full sister was one of the features in the 2009 Werhmann sale and his sons and daughters are high volume, big topped and efficient.  Our most recent additions to our herd bull battery is Rito 7065 of Rita SM46 Obj who boast a BW EPD of 2.4, YW of +113 and a $B of 78.56 which was good enough to rank him second among all non-parent bulls the spring of 2009 and make him Werhmann’s top seller in 2009.

We continue to mold the top genetics available into cattle capable of contributing to the beef industry at all levels, from the commercial beef industry to the registered seedstock business.  We invite you to come and take a look at the things we have been able to accomplish.  We are confident you will appreciate the Cain Cattle Company difference.



Cain Cattle Company’s beginning in the Brangus industry came in 2008 as we purchased our choice 73 head if females in the Camp Cooley dispersal.  Those purchases included 803M, the dam of Griese, 361N8, the dam of Unitas, 302P11, a full sister to Newt and 468P3, by Backside out of 468G15.  We furthered our commitment to the Brangus breed when we purchased numerous high quality Brangus females at the Coldwater Cattle Company Dispersal in the fall of 2009.  We also purchased two promising young herd sires from the GENETRUST at Cavender Ranches sale in December 2009.

We are multiplying the power of these and our other great females through embryo transfer, selecting herd sires to compliment and strengthen their abundant quality.  Our attention to building cow herd capable of producing the next generation of herd sires for commercial and registered breeder is unwavering.  We realize that only by applying selection pressure for the economically relevant traits of fertility, gain, feed efficiency and carcass will we produce the kind of seedstock necessary to meet the demands of today’s beef industry.

We look forward to continued growth as we expand our numbers and invite you to come by and witness the progress at Cain Cattle Company.



Cain Cattle Company has long been recognized a leader in Beefmaster genetics, for over 30 years we have been breeding high quality Beefmaster seedstock.  Our quest is constant for germplasm with genetic reach, power and desirable traits to make lasting contributions to the beef industry.  We continue to build this legacy through identifying, purchasing and propagating the best available.

In 2001 we purchased our first cattle from the Casey herd in Albany, Texas.  We were inpressed with the rugged conditions in which the cattle thrived, the Casey’s total commitment to a 30 day breeding season and their adherence to the 6 essentials.  The efficiency, fertility, longevity and survivability on limited resources of the cow herd provide to be just what we were serching for.  We have been buying the Casey sale cows ever since.

As an added bonus, the ultrasound measurements of the offspring out of the Casey cows have been startling.  They rise to the top of each contemporary group we scan.  Together with our existing foundation we are able to blend these cattle into high performing well balanced seed stock in demand at all levels of the industry.

While we all know it takes great cows to succeed, a powerful herd bull battery is essential to overall success.  Bulls such as Catalyst, Doc, Blockbuster and Puff Daddy are leaving an indelible stamp on our herd in the sons they are producing.  However, their greatest legacy may be the powerful daughters they are leaving in our herd.

We are producing Beefmaster seedstock capable of impacting the beef industry as we expand our bull market and drive demand for Beefmaster commercial females and feeder steers.

Whether your needs are for Red or Black Beefmaster cattle that truly perform and meet industry demands, at Cain Catttle Company you will find germplasm in the phenotypic packages you have been searching for.